Side By Sides



  •  Replace/Repair A arms
  • Replace/Repair Shocks
  • Add/Repair Sway Bars,Links
  • Lift Kits
  • Service Joints and Rebuild Kits
  • A Arm Skid Plates
  • FOX Shock Rebuiding


  •  Role Cage Replacement
  • Structural Cage Parts
  • Bumper Instalation
  • Nerf Bar Installs
  • Complete Frame Replacement

Accessory Repair/Install

  • Windsheild Replacement/Install
  • Doors 
  • Winches
  • Lights/Switches
  • Seats
  • Steering Wheels

Drive Line

  •  Engine Repair/Rebuild
  • Clutch Repair/Replacement
  • Clutch Kits
  • Axle Repair/Replacement




  •  Structural repairs,
  • Nun replacement
  • Structural Strength Improvement
  • Drop and Role Kits
  • FOX Shock Rebuilding


  •  Screen Kits
  • Intake Kits
  • Headlight Mods/Screens/Replacements
  • Complete Replacements
  • Replacement panels

Drive Lines

  •  Engine Repairs/Rebuilds
  • Exhaust Work Cans/Pipes/Y pipes
  • Fix Kits
  • Big Bore Kits
  • Clutch Rebuilds/Replacements
  • Extrovert Driver Replacements
  • Chain and Sprocket Changes
  • Belt Drive Kits
  • Track Replacements
  • Suspension Replacements
  • Long Track Kits
  • Large Wheel Kits



Drive Line


  • Engine Repair/Rebuild
  • Engine Performance Work
  • Clutch Repairs/Replacement
  • Clutch Performance Kits
  • Axle Repair/Replacement
  • Rad Relocation Kits
  • Performance Exhaust
  • Differential Repair/Replacement
  • Drive shaft Repair/Replacement
  • Performance Intake Kits
  • Transmission Repair/Replacement
  • Electronic Repairs/Performance Kits
  • Cooling System Repairs/Performance 
  • Brake Replacement/Repairs
  •  FOX Shock Rebuilding 



  • A Arm Repair/Replacement
  • Lift/Widening Kits
  • Shock/Spring Repair Replacement
  • Pivot Joint Repairs/Replacement
  • Ball Joint Service/Replacement
  • A Arm Skid Plates

Performance Accessories


  • Snorkel Kits (Custom and Purchased Kits)
  • Winch Kits
  • Bumper Additions and Mods
  • Lighting Kits
  • Seat Replacement/Recovering
  • Storage Box Installation
  • Hand Guard Installation

Dirt bikes


Drive Line


  • Engine Repairs/Rebuilds
  • Performance Kits
  • Carb Cleaning/Adjustment
  • Clutch Repairs/Replacement
  • Intake Kits/Filter Replacement
  • Chain and Sprocket Repair/Replacement
  • Transmission Repair/Rebuilds
  • Exhaust Repairs/Performance Kits
  • Brake Repair/Replacement
  • Cooling System Repair/Performance Work
  • Tires/Rims/Spoke Repair/Replacement
  • Fork Rebuild/Seal Replacement
  • Head/Valve Adjustement
  •  FOX Shock Rebuilding 



  • Hand grip Repair/Replacement
  • Lever Replacement Kits
  • Lighting Kits
  • Plastic Replacement
  • Handlebar Replacement
  • Throttle Kits
  • Seat Replacement/Re Covering
  • Cable Replacement 
  • Suspension Bushing Repair/Replacement
  • Chain Roller Guide Replacement
  • Fuel system Repairs
  • Rear Shock Repairs/Replacement
  • Hand guards/Footrests 

We now do wraps


Polaris Axys full wrap example in pic


We are now doing custom wraps on snowmobiles, quads, side by sides and dirt bikes. We  are working with a local graphics shop to offer locally made, high  quality wraps to personalize and protect your machine. These wraps are  locally made and we install them on your machine to insure a long  lasting, quality image for you and your machine, or you can take it home  and do it yourself for that personal achievement satisfaction. Being  locally made, each wrap is saved and pieces of it can be re done if you  need just the sections for your new side cover, hood, wind shield or any  part damaged and needed for replacement.

Made in Canada assures of pricing that is competitive and no waiting for border crossing issues, shipping or duty charges. 


If it's a recreational toy, give us a call


We  work on it. As commited mechanics we can always find a solution or  install a performance part or install an accesory on your machine. We  can't possibly list the things we have done or the things we can do. We  DO read and follow instructions to ensure it's done correctly. We are  also always adding tools and equipment to our shop that help us be more  effective when we are working on your machine. And we have the area to  test for a more finalized test of your machine before you pick it up.


Pick up and Delivery Service

We  are now offering this service for customers that do not have an easily  accessible trailer or truck to get your machine to and from our  location.