We now rebuild FOX shocks. Just bring them in or bring the whole machine.


About Us



We  are a small group of enthusiasts of the motor sports industry with experience and dedication to servicing the sport to the high expectations of our customers.

Preventative Maintenance


 We offer many preventative maintenance options. It's the convenient way to keep your machine healthy and in top condition.  

Repair Services


 From  winches to receiver hitches, we’ve got you covered. We know what we’re  doing, and we’re dedicated to keeping you going with no breakdowns that  can ruin your ride. 

Full Mod Services



We  can build you your own personal ride with the experience to do complete  mod work from engine turbo kits to drop and role long track mods to  performance engine rebuild. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

FOX Shocks

We now service FOX shocks.

Rebuild, Re Charge

Bring us your FOX shocks and we can get them back to original specs.

Nitrous Oxide Refills

Bring us your FOX shocks for a refill of Nitrous if you have done the work.

Sled cans By NPP



These  cans give your PRO or AXYS more power, less weight and have a  great sound. Ceramic coated and unique shape make these cans a great buy  from a local pipe builder that knows this business.


Polaris Pro Can Sale

Price $275.00


Polaris Axys Can

$375    Only  available  if  ordered  and  built.  Wait  time  approx  3  weeks . 

Companies we work with


Our Services

Our dedicated  mechanics will keep your individual machine in top condition. We use the complete downloaded service manuals to provide high-quality service, methodical assembly  techniques  and quick diagnostic analysis. Our mechanics are highly motivated and have years of combined experience. Most of all: they love the POWERSPORTS industry and care about your machine as though it were there own.

- Complete Chassis Repairs

- FOX Shock Rebuilding
- Complete Safety Analysis
- Drivability Problems
- Tune-ups
- Oil Changes
- Tire Anti Leak Products 
- Brake Repairs
- Mufflers and Exhaust Systems
- Steering and Suspension Work
- Accessory Installation

  - Alignments

- Fuel System Services
- Coolant Systems
- Water less Coolant Services
- Snorkel Kits 
- Electrical Systems Troubleshooting
- Long Track Kits
- Engine Work, Turbo's, Big Bore Kits
- Drop and Role Kits

- 120 Engine, Track and Suspension Work