MONSTERWORKS shop rate: $115/hr for UTV Services in Stony Plain


This  is a teaching business along with the fact that I am in a wheelchair so  the hours it takes us is not necessarily the hours we charge.

We charge the hours based on these different types of situations.

-  If it is a standard procedure that a dealer has an hourly charge for ,  we have access to those by calling the dealer and compare the scope of  work for the proper charge.

- A manufacturer of an accessory may recommend an hourly charge for installing there component based on their experience. 

-  There are some standard charges for some procedures that are similar  from shop to shop. We use those rates if the procedure is comparable.

-  Older and abused machines may prove to be more difficult than a new one  to do similar work. Rust, wear and bent and damaged components may  require more time consuming procedures that are accounted for based on  the time it takes. 

-  Computer problems that do not provide codes without being attached to a  manufacturer computer are charged out based on the situation. We can  haul the machine to a dealer and back to get the problem diagnosed. The  dealer charge and a reasonable charge for our hauling services is  recovered from the customer.

 - Rates  for some machining procedures are standard such as boring out a  cylinder. Other procedures are based on the real time. We are not a  machine shop, and we charge out based on the rates from the shop  we  use.

Parts, Accessories and outsourced specialty services.

- All local parts and accessories are sold based on retail prices or, if available a discounted price when available.

-  All imported parts and accessories are sold based on the total of all  charges, including shipping, duty charges, plus a handling charge.

-  Special services required such as boring, injector cleaning, machine  shop services etc. are charged out based on the retail prices for the  service, or the total of the services plus a handling charge. 

-  In some cases it is necessary to have your machine  delivered to  a  dealership to be hooked up to a computer for issues that we are not able  to decipher without that service. In these cases we work with our  customers to find the best possible  solution based on their situation.