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These  are some listings of power sports toys for sale at our location. Please  take the time to look at our site from time to time to see what is  available. We are not in the business of buying and selling this  equipment , as these are personal machines that we can part with.   Thanks for looking at our page. 

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 2012  ``All Terrain Freedom`` CCX. This is a personal transport machine made  for people with walking difficulties. It is a converted WALKER Zero turn  mower that now runs on all weather tracks and a suspension with  adjustable FOX air shocks. Its original purpose was just for  transportation, like walking the dog and just being able to go places  you could not normally go because of a possible disability. I saw the  potential of the machine because of the fact that it is a working  machine and added the snow plow attachment. It has a 19 HP 4 stroke  Kohler engine and hydrostatic drive. The control levers fold down to  ease access onto the machine, and it has a roll bar with an adjustable  head protection bar. The seat has an adjustable head rest and an  adjustable lumbar support plus it has a 5 point harness to hold you  firmly in the seat.  It has a forward light that is very bright and a  set of rear lights plus a lighted flag post that works great for  lighting the area around you for pushing snow. The snow plow is a 60  inch POLARIS quick attach plow with adjustable angle and I have  installed a electric cylinder to lift and lower the blade. Having the  ability to push down on the blade makes it very nice for clearing ice  and difficult packed snow.  It goes over very difficult terrain and is  very strong if you need to pull something out of the bush. It has a  hitch receiver on the rear that can be used for pulling a trailer or a  pull type mower. The top speed is about 10 km/hr and cruises about 6  km/hr. When the blade and attachment parts are removed it becomes a very  friendly personal transport machine that goes on dirt, mud, and quite  deep snow. Very nimble to drive and the best snow plow I have ever  used.Call Ken Bowers at 780 691 2240 to get more information. Its  located at our shop in Stony Plain. I am asking $9500. I paid $13,000 AF  for it plus the snow blade was around $1000 CF.  It is a great machine  for an acreage with many uses yet to be found.   

All Terrain Freedom  CCX

All Terrain Freedom CCX